The Pullman, Albert Park (Room 2)

The Pullman, Albert Park
65 Queens Rd,
Albert Park VIC 3004

Events at this venue:

Laugh a Little: An exposé on resilience

All of us go through good times and bad and develop coping mechanisms through life’s experience. But how much of our resilience is in-built and how much can be learnt with positive behavioural techniques, self-care and mindfulness? Hear from the experts about the power of laughter, the importance of alone time, and the ability to...

Sunday August 18, 2024

In conversation with Marina Benjamin: Secret Messengers – housework, sleepless nights and midlife crises

What do these experiences all have in common? They are times when uninvited introspection and reflection rise from the shadows to unsettle us. These are the deep waters in which British author and journalist Marina Benjamin bathes. Senior editor at Aeon, a digital magazine of ideas and culture, her insightful and lyrical writing deftly explores...

Sunday August 18, 2024

In conversation with Hila Blum: On Love and Literature

Israeli novelist Hila Blum will speak to Tali Lavi about love and literature. Delving into How to Love Your Daughter, a masterful story of intense psychological suspense which dissects a fractured relationship between a mother and daughter, they will further explore the profound relationship between readers and literature and the ways upon which stories might...

Sunday August 18, 2024

A View From the Couch: Lifting the lid on mental health

When Hilton Koppe was diagnosed with PTSD, the much-loved country doctor had no choice but to retire from general practice. In this session Hilton chats with courageous authors Anna Jacobson, Roz Bellamy and Jonathan Seidler, each of whom have faced mental health challenges – be it bipolar, depression or psychosis. Like Hilton, they have turned...

Sunday August 18, 2024

Modern Family: The ties that bind

Three authors, three very different books. But one common thread: families in the 21st century. From parenting together and apart, to how the concept of “family” has changed, to what happens when pregnancy doesn’t end with a baby, this session -featuring Katia Ariel, Isabelle Oderberg, Marina Kamenev, and Roz Bellamy as moderator – delves into...

Sunday August 18, 2024

Mark Raphael Baker: His Literary and Intellectual Legacy

Mark Raphael Baker was a Holocaust scholar, an inspiring teacher and the critically acclaimed author of The Fiftieth Gate and Thirty Days. He was also a much-loved member of the Melbourne and Sydney Jewish Communities. In this session, panellists who knew Mark well, will speak on aspects of his life and work and Michelle Lesh...

Sunday August 18, 2024

Shaping Identity, Writing the Soul – Memoir

How does our sense of self form, and how much of our identity is shaped by our genes, by the imprint of our forebears and by our own life experience? In this session, Debbie Lee speaks with Hilton Koppe, Sandra Goldbloom Zurbo and Michelle Scheibner, three authors who follow different paths but find common ground in the...

Sunday August 18, 2024

Unforgotten: The Shoah and ancestors lost

Australia has had the largest influx of Holocaust survivors post war outside of Israel. Those survivors are now few in number leaving second and third generations to piece together their family’s stories. Rachelle Unreich has captured her mother’s story in A Brilliant Life. Tess Schofield -Peters’s book, Dear Mutzi tells of her grandfather’s experience fleeing...

Sunday August 18, 2024