Three authors, three very different books. But one common thread: families in the 21st century. From parenting together and apart, to how the concept of “family” has changed, to what happens when pregnancy doesn’t end with a baby, this session -featuring Katia Ariel, Isabelle Oderberg, Marina Kamenev, and Roz Bellamy as moderator – delves into familial themes, some comforting, some confronting and some unspoken.


Marina Kamenev

Marina Kamenev is the former deputy arts editor of the Moscow Times and has been widely published in the Atlantic, Time, Sunday Life, The Monthly and Marie Claire, often writing about family. Kin: Family in the 21st Century is publsihed by UNSW Press. She lives in Sydney and is the mother of two.

Isabelle Oderberg

After growing up in Hong Kong, Isabelle Oderberg went to university in Melbourne. She has worked as a journalist for two decades in newswires across Europe, Asia and Australia, where she was the country’s first social media editor for Melbourne’s Herald Sun. Her work has appeared in The Age/SMH, Guardian, ABC, Meanjin and elsewhere. She…

Katia Ariel

Katia Ariel is an author, book editor and educator from Melbourne/Naarm. She was born in Odesa, Ukraine. Katia has been published in a variety of literary journals, including Womankind, Archer and Antithesis. Her memoir, The Swift Dark Tide, was shortlisted for the 2024 Stella Prize. Her second book, Ferryman: The Life and Deathwork of Ephraim…

Roz Bellamy

Roz Bellamy is a writer and researcher based in Melbourne. Roz’s first book, Mood: A Memoir of Love, Identity and Mental Health, published by Wakefield Press in 2023, explores the intersections of mental illness, Jewish and queer identity, and intergenerational trauma. In 2022, Roz completed a PhD exploring the impacts of engaging in life writing…