Katia Ariel

Katia Ariel is an author, book editor and educator from Melbourne/Naarm. She
was born in Odesa, Ukraine. Katia has been published in a variety of literary
journals, including Womankind, Archer and Antithesis. Her memoir, The Swift
Dark Tide
, was shortlisted for the 2024 Stella Prize. Her second book,
Ferryman: The Life and Deathwork of Ephraim Finch, is forthcoming with Wild
Dingo press in late 2024.


Modern Family: The ties that bind

Three authors, three very different books. But one common thread: families in the 21st century. From parenting together and apart, to how the concept of “family” has changed, to what happens when pregnancy doesn’t end with a baby, this session -featuring Katia Ariel, Isabelle Oderberg, Marina Kamenev, and Roz Bellamy as moderator – delves into...

Sunday August 18, 2024