Isabelle Oderberg

After growing up in Hong Kong, Isabelle Oderberg went to university in Melbourne. She has worked as a journalist for two decades in newswires across Europe, Asia and Australia, where she was the country’s first social media editor for Melbourne’s Herald Sun. Her work has appeared in The Age/SMH, Guardian, ABC, Meanjin and elsewhere. She is a former editor of Pro Bono News and has worked as a media and communications strategist across the not-for-profit sector. She is the Deputy CEO of the Public Interest Journalism Initiative and a columnist for The Jewish Independent. Hard to Bear: Investigating the science and silence of miscarriage is her first book.


Modern Family: The ties that bind

Three authors, three very different books. But one common thread: families in the 21st century. From parenting together and apart, to how the concept of “family” has changed, to what happens when pregnancy doesn’t end with a baby, this session -featuring Katia Ariel, Isabelle Oderberg, Marina Kamenev, and Roz Bellamy as moderator – delves into...

Sunday August 18, 2024