In The Constitution of Knowledge Jonathan Rauch argues that the key institutions of liberal democracies – academia, law, government and journalism – all build knowledge through gathering evidence and testing it against different viewpoints. But journalism appears to have lost its way. So what has gone wrong, how did we get to this moment and how do we find our way back to a reconstitution of these foundational principles?


Elizabeth Finkel

Elizabeth Finkel is a biochemist who switched to journalism. She co-founded Cosmos Magazine, serving as Editor in Chief from 2013 to 2018. She authored ‘Stem Cells which won the Queensland premier’s Literary award and ‘The Genome Generation’. In 2019 she received the Medal of the Australian Society for Medical Research and an honorary doctorate from…

Michael Gawenda

Michael Gawenda is one of Australia’s best-known journalists and authors. In a journalism career spanning four decades, Michael has been a political reporter, a foreign correspondent based in London and in Washington, a columnist, a feature writer and an editor. He has won numerous journalism awards including three Walkley awards, the Australian equivalent of the…

Julie Szego

Julie Szego is an independent journalist who writes on Substack, a self-publishing platform.A former lawyer, she has spent much of her 25-year journalism career writing for The Age as a senior writer, leader writer and until last year as a regular columnist.

Josh Szeps

Josh Szeps is one of Australia’s most influential, innovative interviewers. As a founding host of HuffPost Live in New York, he interviewed the world’s biggest names and was a regular on NBC’s TODAY Show. In Australia, he anchored the ABC’s weekend breakfast television show and, on ABC Radio, Afternoons with Josh Szeps. He left the…