Michael Gawenda

Michael Gawenda is one of Australia’s best-known journalists and authors. In a journalism career spanning four decades, Michael has been a political reporter, a foreign correspondent based in London and in Washington, a columnist, a feature writer and an editor. He has won numerous journalism awards including three Walkley awards, the Australian equivalent of the American Pulitzer Prizes. He was editor and editor in chief of The Age from 1997 to 2004. He is the author of five books. His latest book, My Life As a Jew, was published in October 2023.


Journalism and its Discontents

In The Constitution of Knowledge Jonathan Rauch argues that the key institutions of liberal democracies – academia, law, government and journalism – all build knowledge through gathering evidence and testing it against different viewpoints. But journalism appears to have lost its way. So what has gone wrong, how did we get to this moment and...

Sunday August 18, 2024

On Being Jewish

Michael Gawenda’s arresting memoir, My Life as a Jew, preceded October 7 yet eerily prophesied the difficult questions that confront Jews today, in terms of identity, place and time. Hear Gawenda as he cuts to the core of what it is to be a Jew, then and now, in a heartfelt, honest conversation with former...

Sunday August 18, 2024