Josh Szeps

Josh Szeps is one of Australia’s most influential, innovative interviewers. As a founding host of HuffPost Live in New York, he interviewed the world’s biggest names and was a regular on NBC’s TODAY Show. In Australia, he anchored the ABC’s weekend breakfast television show and, on ABC Radio, Afternoons with Josh Szeps. He left the ABC to have spicier conversations on Uncomfortable Conversations with Josh Szeps, a podcast, touring enterprise and YouTube channel. It is among the most popular Australian interview shows in the world.


Journalism and its Discontents

In The Constitution of Knowledge Jonathan Rauch argues that the key institutions of liberal democracies – academia, law, government and journalism – all build knowledge through gathering evidence and testing it against different viewpoints. But journalism appears to have lost its way. So what has gone wrong, how did we get to this moment and...

Sunday August 18, 2024