Tess Scholfield-Peters

Tess Scholfield-Peters is a Sydney–Eora based writer and academic currently based at the University of Technology Sydney where she teaches creative writing. Tess began her writing career in community journalism and has since completed her doctorate, for which she wrote her first book Dear Mutzi (NLA Publishing), a hybrid narrative non–fiction about her grandfather’s migration from Nazi Germany to rural Australia. Tess’s writing appears in Life Writing, New Writing, Southerly, Cinder and Ethical Space journals, among others, and currently she is working on her second book, an historical fiction about female journalists in Sydney during WWII.


Unforgotten: The Shoah and ancestors lost

Australia has had the largest influx of Holocaust survivors post war outside of Israel. Those survivors are now few in number leaving second and third generations to piece together their family’s stories. Rachelle Unreich has captured her mother’s story in A Brilliant Life. Tess Schofield -Peters’s book, Dear Mutzi tells of her grandfather’s experience fleeing...

Sunday August 18, 2024