Julia Levitina

Julia Levitina grew up in Moscow with her Ukrainian Jewish mother and grandmother, who were both Holocaust survivors. She studied design and worked as a theatre designer before immigrating to Australia in 1991 with two children and $200 to her name. Julia completed a Masters of Theatre Design at University of Technology, Sydney. While teaching set and costume design, she wrote short stories. The Girl from Moscow, released in February 2024 is her first novel. It was shortlisted for the ASA/HQ Commercial Fiction Prize for unpublished manuscripts. She lives in Sydney’s east with her husband and their toy poodle, Honey.


When Fact Becomes Fiction: Bringing history to life

The scale of history can be overwhelming. Fiction allows us to focus on the individual. Our panel of Australian Jewish authors has recently published four acclaimed novels all with Jewish protagonists. A life in middle-class Vienna upended by the Great War; a woman leading an extraordinary spy ring in Palestine; a self-effacing Japanese diplomat saving...

Sunday August 18, 2024