Barbara Kamler

Barbara Kamler is a Melbourne-based poet and university educator. After publishing nine academic books and countless research essays, her heart turned to poetry. Leaving New Jersey (2016) is a memoir told in prose poetry. Love, regardless (2022), a gallery of fourteen long-love portraits, is based on interviews but told in syllabic verse. Sophie Stories (2024), her newest collection, is a multi-voiced narrative about Barbara’s grandmother Sophie Kamler, who in 1907 at age fourteen fled the pogroms and poverty in Poland and ventured to the new world of New York City, alone.


For the Love of Bubba

Oma, bubba, nanna, gran – whatever we know them by, our grand and great grandmothers leave an indelible mark. Yet their matriarchal reach and rich histories are often untold or defined by stereotype, undermining the complexity and vibrancy of their lives. In this panel, three writers re-imagine their grandmothers’ lives across genre, from poetry to...

Sunday August 18, 2024