Jana Firestone

Jana Firestone is a therapist with over 17 years’ experience working in grief and trauma and with families and young people. Jana is the host and executive producer of The Curious Life Podcast and The Days That Follow and is author of two books – Plot Twist: a personal guide to surviving life’s unexpected curveballs, and bestseller Embracing Change. Jana applies a warm and practical therapist’s lens to learning to survive and eventually thrive during the most challenging days of our lives. Jana is a mother to three young boys and lives with her family in Melbourne.


Laugh a Little: An exposé on resilience

All of us go through good times and bad and develop coping mechanisms through life’s experience. But how much of our resilience is in-built and how much can be learnt with positive behavioural techniques, self-care and mindfulness? Hear from the experts about the power of laughter, the importance of alone time, and the ability to...

Sunday August 18, 2024