Creative writing that draws on our various identities has been flourishing in recent decades. We can write as women, as queer people or migrants, and so on. But what specifically does it mean to be writing as a Jew, especially in the current wake of widespread antisemitism where our identity has been systematically devalued? This workshop will explore what writing as a Jew might mean to different participants and offer various starting points and strategies to engage with Jewishness in our works in ways that are meaningful both to us and to non-Jewish audiences. We’ll do this through a combination of theory, discussion and practical exercises.


Lee Kofman

Dr Lee Kofman is the author of six books, including a book on writing, The Writer Laid Bare (Ventura Press, 2022), memoirs Imperfect (Affirm Press, 2019), which was shortlisted for Nib Literary Award, and The Dangerous Bride (Melbourne University Press, 2014). She is the co-editor of Rebellious Daughters (Ventura Press, 2016) and editor of Split…