Rami Elhanan and Bassam Aramin are from ‘enemy’ sides but are self-proclaimed ‘brothers’.
Rami is a Jewish Israeli from Jerusalem who lost his daughter Smadar in a Palestinian suicide bombing in 1997, the same year Bassam’s daughter Abir was born. Bassam, who grew up in Hebron, was a former fighter who had spent time in an Israeli jail where he saw the film Schindler’s List that changed his life. His daughter, Abir was tragically killed aged 10 years old, by the bullet of Israeli border police.

Their grief bonded the two and forged a joint path of dialogue and reconciliation, rather than hate and revenge, which is the subject of Colum McCann’s award winning book Apeirogon.

In an age of polarisation, their example and message of peace and reconciliation is vital, the rarer it becomes. PLUS61J Media brings them to Australia for the first time, to share a unique encounter. In Rami’s words: “no one can listen to us and remain the same.”

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