Erica Frydenberg

Erica Frydenberg AM (MA, Dip Ed, Dip Clin Psych, PhD, Grad GAICD) is a clinical, organisational, and educational psychologist and Principal Research Fellow (Honorary) in psychology at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education. She has authored over 150 academic journal articles and chapters, developed programs, and published books on coping, resilience, parenting, adolescent coping, and early childhood. Her 2022 book Coping in Good Times and Bad: Developing Fortitude targets a general audience. Erica’s work is underpinned by the principles of positive psychology. She has engaged in numerous wide-ranging consultancies and recently completed a Holocaust memoir.


Laugh a Little: An exposé on resilience

All of us go through good times and bad and develop coping mechanisms through life’s experience. But how much of our resilience is in-built and how much can be learnt with positive behavioural techniques, self-care and mindfulness? Hear from the experts about the power of laughter, the importance of alone time, and the ability to...

Sunday August 18, 2024