Join us as Melbourne Jewish Book Week presents In Our Nature – an opening night of original storytelling featuring writers, musicians and  performers live on stage at Melbourne’s Memo Hall. 

Travel to landscapes near and far, real and imagined, thriving and disappearing. Meet creatures of flight, fur, and fancy from places urban and  remote, vast and infinitesimal. Hear private encounters with the living world that brought with them inexorable change. And peer into those  geographies of the soul – landscapes we carry inside us that guide our engagement with the outside world.

Featuring writers Mireille Juchau, Marina Benjamin (UK), Simon Tedeschi, Daniel Sherell (US), Byran Walpert (NZ), Karen Hitchcock, Kyra Maya Phillips, multidisciplinary artist and musician Anita Lester, pianist, composer and songwriter Gideon Preiss and shadow artist and theatre director Lynne Kent. Hosted and produced by writer and audio maker Jaye Kranz.

This event is proudly supported by: