Joe Reich

Dr Joe Reich is the author of five novels and a cowritten biography. His most recent books are historical fiction. In Ein Stein (2021) the elderly unreliable protagonist has lived as a holocaust survivor for many years. Beyond Berggasse (2023) takes us back to the glittering Vienna of the turn of the last century through the rite of passage of a Jewish boy considered to have little prospect. Joe is the Chair of MJBW and has received an Order of Australia for his contribution to ophthalmology. He is currently working on a second biography.


When Fact Becomes Fiction: Bringing history to life

The scale of history can be overwhelming. Fiction allows us to focus on the individual. Our panel of Australian Jewish authors has recently published four acclaimed novels all with Jewish protagonists. A life in middle-class Vienna upended by the Great War; a woman leading an extraordinary spy ring in Palestine; a self-effacing Japanese diplomat saving...

Sunday August 18, 2024