Hilton Koppe

Hilton Koppe is a writer, educator, podcaster and doctor living on Bundjalung Land. Hilton facilitates reflective writing workshops for doctors and other health professionals with the goal of deepening their compassion, overcoming professional isolation and reducing risk of burnout. The workshops have been adapted for people living with chronic and mental illnesses, as well as enthusiastic amateur writers. Hilton has been invited to present his workshops all the way from Byron Writers Festival to Harvard Medical School. Hilton’s book, One Curious Doctor: A Memoir of Medicine, Migration and Mortality, explores the personal impact of working as a country doctor.


A View From the Couch: Lifting the lid on mental health

When Hilton Koppe was diagnosed with PTSD, the much-loved country doctor had no choice but to retire from general practice. In this session Hilton chats with courageous authors Anna Jacobson, Roz Bellamy and Jonathan Seidler, each of whom have faced mental health challenges – be it bipolar, depression or psychosis. Like Hilton, they have turned...

Sunday August 18, 2024

Shaping Identity, Writing the Soul – Memoir

How does our sense of self form, and how much of our identity is shaped by our genes, by the imprint of our forebears and by our own life experience? In this session, Debbie Lee speaks with Hilton Koppe, Sandra Goldbloom Zurbo and Michelle Scheibner, three authors who follow different paths but find common ground in the...

Sunday August 18, 2024