Leah Kaminsky is a physician and award-winning writer. Her debut novel, The Waiting Room, won the Voss Literary Prize. The Hollow Bones won both the Literary Fiction and Historical Fiction categories of the 2019 International Book Awards, and the 2019 American Book Fest’s Best Book Award for Literary Fiction. She is the author of ten books and holds an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Meg Keneally has worked as a public affairs officer, sub-editor, freelance feature writer, reporter and talkback radio producer. She is co-author with her father Tom Keneally of The Monsarrat Series of historical crime novels. Fled, Meg’s first solo novel, was published in 2019. Her most recent novel is The Wreck.

In their book chat, Leah and Meg discuss what inspired them to undertake the creation of Animals Make Us Human, a book about the connections of humans with animals in the natural world — and the process of selecting and working with the incredible authors that contributed to the anthology.

Proceeds of their book Animals Makes Us Human go to the Australian Marine Conservation Society and Australian Wildlife Conservancy.